Leveraging Services & Support to Fill Your Skills Gaps

The right maintenance strategy will help you optimize the performance and utilization of your automation assets throughout their life cycle helping reduce downtime, improve operation to spec, reduce speed to change and ultimately improving your financial stability (both through lower maintenance costs and increased productivity).
Assessment Services
Assessment Services range from manufacturing automation to information solutions, identifying, justifying, planning and executing your solution from start to finish. Hybrid Control engineers provide hands-on manufacturing experience to help you identify process and equipment issues that can hinder your production performance in every aspect of your plant operations.

Services available are:
  • Installed Base Evaluation
  • Integrated Performance Assessment
  • Plant Baseline Evaluation
  • Reliability Program Assessment

Condition Monitoring Services
Condition-Monitoring Services are tailored to help implement your predictive maintenance program. Our program specialists will advise you on program content, machinery criticality, collection frequencies, alarm parameters and appropriate monitoring technologies.

Services available are:
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Oil Analysis
  • Reliability Online Remote Monitoring and Analysis
  • Project Turnkey and Commissioning

Callout Services
Callout Services can provide a Hybrid Control Corporation field support engineer day or night, across the globe for dispatch on an as-needed basis to help troubleshoot and resolve unplanned downtime events, problems affecting critical operations and other automation-related issues. Callout Services are billed on a time and material basis. Factory-certified field support engineers with skills matched to your application or problem can provide:
  • Assistance for start-up, special projects and peak workloads
  • Production problem resolution
  • Technical support during maintenance activity

Network Design Services
Network Design Services help to prevent installation, operation and maintenance problems, while helping you meet the operational requirements needed to achieve production and business goals.

Turnkey Design starts by assessing your business objectives and identifying functional and informational requirements. Once determined, a detailed specification is created which is the basis for the network topology design. This will helps ensure that the network design meets your current and future needs.

Training Services
You can choose from over 300 open enrollment classes designed around the use of automation technologies and job function. This includes over 60 courses featuring manufacturing, quality, safety, engineering, and management topics as well as Rockwell Automation technical courses.

TeamSupport Services
TeamSupport Services are an extension of your operation, engineering and maintenance resources. Using a high-speed broadband connection to your system and designated remote support engineers knowledgeable in your application, we provide fast, comprehensive technical assistance to maximize your profitability.

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