The BEE Commission defined BEE as a strategy aimed at substantially increasing black participation at all levels in the economy. The strategy tries to redress the imbalances of the past by transfering more ownership, management and control of South Africa's financial and economic resources to the majority of its citizens. It also aims to ensure broader and meaningful participation in the economy by black people.

Statement of Intent

On behalf of Hybrid Control Corporation Group, we, the undersigned hereby pledge our support for the black economic empowerment policy, and the implementation thereof within the company, and externally in our service environment. We believe that it is an economic and social imperative to address the inequalities of the past, in order to ensure business growth and the sustainability of performance of our business.

We believe that BEE is an integral driver of economic and social transformation in South Africa and therefore an integral component of our business. We are committed to align our business in the workplace and in society, with the national transformation agenda.

We are committed to the creation and development of an enabling environment, for effective black economic empowerment within the organisation.

We reaffirm our commitment as a responsible corporate citizen, to contribute to the improvement and development of the quality of life of the community, and to support sustainable community development initiatives.

We pledge our commitment and resources, within reasonable means, to the pursuit and accomplishment of the aims and goals set out in this BEE policy document, in line with the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the Group, and in doing so, we shall ensure that Hybrid Control Corporation retains its character, business focus, values and performance standards.


Hybrid Control Corporation is a black owned electrical control systems and power energy management services company established in 2008.

Hybrid Control Corporationís approach to BEE is based on the perspective that BEE is an economic and business imperative.

Our approach seeks to engage all our stakeholders in creating an enabling environment, contributing to the development of the country and the transformation of the economy.

In executing its BEE strategy, Hybrid Control Corporation will remain focused, competitive, delivering services and results of a high standard, playing our role as a good corporate citizen, and exercising good corporate governance.

BEE strategic objectives

Hybrid Control Corporationís black economic empowerment initiative seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • To strategically position Hybrid Control Corporation as a company with the profile and capacity to provide electrical Engineering and control systems products, solution and services to the South African community
  • To ensure meaningful transformation at all levels of Hybrid Control Corporation as a company
  • To facilitate the active involvement of the Hybrid Control Corporation family in the transformation and development of South Africa
  • To create employment opportunities for black engineering graduates and technicians

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